Web Development

Design, layout, code. My associates and I have built some crazy web applications for major corp clients. You can be next!

Most people believe that to create a website all you need to do is draw up some pretty pictures in Photoshop and then toss it up on WordPress, and while that might work for your personal blog, it’s not going to cut it for your large scale business application.

A proper website starts with a proper requirements doc: you want to know what the site’s goals are, what competing sites look like, what the page content will be, who will provide that content, where and how the site will be hosted and maintained, etc, etc.

Once you have all your requirements docs in order, then you can get into basic design layout and user experience testing. Once you’re through all that, it’s finally time to build.

See? Web sites are easy!

Some past work:


Twistypedia.com – Site first created in Drupal and then moved to WordPress to keep the admin chores simple.


M-Audio.com – this was my baby from 2001 until 2008. I worked with the internal marketing team and a great offshore development team to build and maintain this site.