Project Management

A typical Project Management meeting:

The Marketing Guy, “How long to do the xyz thing?”

The Code Guy, “Oh, about two weeks maybe.”

And that’s usually about the most energy that is spent on scheduling projects at most companies. The reality is that your team is doing multiple projects at once and delivering everything late and over budget. Why? Because nobody is stopping to take stock and plan out who’s doing what when and for how much. The solution is to bring in someone who can manage the relationship between the job requestor and the production team, keep forecasts up to date, and sound the alarm when things fall behind or communications go awry.

Just another fun Gantt chart

At Avid, I was the single point of contact for all web requests. I ran 6 branded sites, each with 5 or more language versions. There were at least 100 open requests each day that I assigned to our small production team.

Order from chaos? Yup, I do that.

Resource allocation chart. This is what an overtaxed team looks like

Ticket status report for Avid. This shows about half the active jobs