The great move

Going to move off of the current Drupal platform and move it here to my WordPress admin. So tired of D7 being wonky and “not quite working”. Seems like things will be much more stable over here on WP.

2 thoughts on “The great move

  1. I had similar problems with D7 not being quite ready for prime time – D6 was the answer for me. Stable core + TONS of stable modules, enabling much richer functionality than I can get from WP. I’m a big fan of D6.

  2. Agreed…Drupal has much better functionality than what I’ve seen from WP, or at least it’s easier to implement. You really have to work at it for WP to act like a real CMS. I probably should have given D6 a chance, but since part of my mission is just learning all the different CMSs, it was still a worthwhile exercise.

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